working working fun on set with Danny Trejo on "Reaper" 189417948 shooting "Polydeus" 88637401 in the make-up room with Lance Henriksen on "Ambush" 88637400 working on "Dwelling" 125481765 dance rehearsal That Rogue Romeo's music video "City of Glass" 88637402 in HMU with John Rhys-Davies on "Time Lapse" 193585688 reference shot aging Sally Struthers / "Monster Heroes" 88637411 shooting "Unorthodox" 148228805 working on "White Dwarf" 88637403 SFX shop making a mold for "The Haunting of Winchester House" at Obscure Artifacts 88637404 gluing facial hair Josh Sussman in "Destroy the Internet" (2011) 125484809 reference shot Patrick Gallagher as Francis Stein / "Monster Heroes" 88637407 powder 88637405 reference shot Sarah Hyland in "Monster Heroes" 88637408 SFX shop patching an appliance for "Camera Obscura" at Obscure Artifacts 88637406 working on "Dwelling" 125481764 shooting "Trapped: Haitian Nights" 88637409 lashes Erika Flores in "Ballad of Cotty and Gary" (2011) 125484810 Grant Imahara shooting promos for the Hollywood Sci-fi museum project 193585689 reference shot James Matador as Toxic Matt / "Monster Heroes" 88637410 "Camera Obscura" crew 88637412 on set for "Sati" 125481763 making bruises Brandon Hardesty in "Destroy the Internet" (2011) 125484808 touch ups on set for "Ballad of Cotty and Gary" (2011) 125484811 shooting "Infliction" 148228013 shooting "If At First You Don't Succeed..." 164614823 cast and crew of "Who Dam Done It?" 164614824