mary trahey ~ make-up artist



mary trahey

make-up design/application

*************************************************************************************************************eeeeeeeeducation: Loyola University Chicago; B.A., Theatre Arts, cum laude – January 1997

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts; Makeup for Motion Pictures, Television, Character, Beauty and Effects – October 2008



Show Company Date


Hollow                                 Shoesy Productions                                                             Pre-production

                                            Kevin Cox – Producer/Director

                                            Make-up Design/Application


Cats                                     CAST Summer Production                                                                2014

                                             Julian Middle School, Oak Park District 97

     Make-up Design/Application/Supervised crew


CAST Summer  Camp Program      Julian Middle School, Oak Park District 97                                2014

     Taught courses in Make-up for Theatre and Film


Wiley and the Hairy Man       New Trier, Theatre Department                                                    2014

                                             Make-up Design/Application



Tiger Rules                            Raquel Rosensweig, Kai Wu – Producers                                               2013

                                             Make-up Design/On-set Application


Geezers of the Night             Boss Astronaut Productions                                                                    2013

                                             Natisha Anderson – Producer

                                             Galen Gilbert – Director

                                             Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


 A Midsummer Night’s Dream     Southern California Shakespeare Festival (SCSF)                         2013

                                             Make-up Design 


The Reaper                          Inter 77, LLC                                                                                    2013

                                            Alejandro Salomon, Fred Cipoletti – Executive Producers

                                            Phillip Shih – Director

                                            Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


The Leak                             Alessandra Ghisolfi – Producer                                                 2013

                                            Jenny Hess – Director

                                            Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Couchsurfing                       Paul Straw – Producer                                                                 2013

                                            Scott Garner – Director

                                            Make-up Design/On-set Application


Mike India Alpha                   Fina L’eau Films                                                                           2013

                                             Jen Vestuto – Producer

                                             Melissa Marlette – Director

                                             Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Don’t Let Me Down Patricia    Alessandra Ghisolfi – Producer                                                     2013

                                              Raphael Chatelain – Director

                                              Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Grand Babies                         Michael Francis – Producer/Director                                                     2013

                                               Make-up Design/On-set Application


Rebecca Smiles                       Nathaniel Upshaw – Producer/Director                                     2013

                                                Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Aces                                         Valerie Mikles – Producer                                                              2013

                                                 Leigh Clemons – Director

                                                 Make-up Design/On-set Application


Dwelling – Visiting                     Anthony Q. Farrell – Producer                                                      2013

                                                 Daniel Beals – Director

                                                 Make-up Design/On-set Application


Time Lapse                               Veritas Productions LLC                                                            2012

                                                 Bradley King – Director

                                                 Make-up Assistant/On-set Application


Sealed With a Loving Kiss         FutureView Entertainment                                                                2012

                                                 Dawn Cobalt – Director/ Producer

                                                 Make-up Design/On-set Application


 Who Dam Done It In The          Pom-Pom Pictures                                                                        2012

Beaver?                                    Bryan Watkins – Director

                                                 Make-up Assistant/On-set Application


Objects in the Rearview            Ashlee Cannon – Producer                                                                  2012

                                                Adam Bagger – Director

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application


World of Grimm                        Pop2Life, LLC (Promotions)                                                               2012

                                               Applied and painted pros-aide transfers at San Diego

                                               Comic-Con to promote second season of NBC’s Grimm


Everdawn                                Everdawn/ProveMeWrong Productions                                         2012

                                                Eric J. Stein – Executive Producer

                                                Travis Stevens – Director

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application


Second Shot                            J. Bennet, A. Price, S. Blakeman – Executive Producers                2012

                                                Annie Price – Director

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application 


“Searching for You”                  Jason Mohan – Artist, Producer (music video)                        2012

                                                Christian Jurgensen – Director

Make-up Design/On-set Application


Patty: The Revival                    Highways, Inc. - Producers                                                             2012

                                                Make-up Application


If At First You Don’t Succeed…    Terry Lin – Producer                                                                           2012

                                                Michael Conroy – Director

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application


“Naal Aaja”                               Jason Mohan – Artist, Producer/Director (music video)              2012

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application


“Vaghti Kasi Ro Doost Dari”      Kamron and Hooman – Artists (music video)                                     2012

Jay Mo Productions

 Siros Kerdouni – Director

 Key Make-up Artist/On-set SFX Application


The Boogeyman                       Jenny Januszewski – Director/Producer                                                    2012

                                                 Made life casts to create latex masks of actors’ own faces


Charlie Is My Darlin’                   M. Davis, E. Wood – Executive Producers                                                2012

                                                 Mick Davis – Director

                                                 Key Make-up Artist/On-set SFX Application


Unorthodox                               USC School of Cinematic Arts                                                                  2012

 Rebecca Katz, Allison Friedman – Producers

                                                 Patrick Waismann – Director

                                                 Make-up Design/On-set Application


“” (commercial)       Dan Farzad – Director/Producer                                                 2012

                                                 Make-up Design/On-set Application


The Guy Who’s F*cking            Katie Weinstein – Producer                                                                 2011

Your Girlfriend                          Shane McCarthy – Director

                                                Make-up Design/On-set Application


Believe                                    Jason Mohan – Director/Producer                                                    2011

Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


The Love Section                     Hi Point Studios                                                                            2011

                                                Lawrence Adisa, Dawn Edmin – Executive Producers

                                                 Ronnie Warner – Director/Producer

                                                 Make-up Assistant/On-set Application


Nexon: Maple Story              Luis Reyes, Nexon Co. Ltd. – Executive Producer                             2011

Auditions 2011                          Steven Calcote – Director

                                                  Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Infliction                                     Jason Mohan – Producer                                                              2011

                                                  Geet Kandya – Director

                                                  Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


They Live Among Us                   Anne Lower – Producer/Director                                                    2011

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


“With Us or Against Us”                Jason Mohan – Artist, Producer/Director (music video)               2011

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application 


Mindset                                      Geet Kandya – Producer                                                                      2011

                                                  Rochit Gangwani– Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


The 5                                          Ravi Kapoor – Executive Producer, Director                                           2011

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


3…2…1…                                   A. Allain, S. Butler, A. Hall, H. Tyler – Producers                            2011

   Janina Fischer – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


“Hygenie” (spec commercial)        Jane Benney, Patricia Campbell – Producers                                 2011

                                                   Michael Monks – Director

    Make-up Design/On-set Application


Total Recall                                  Columbia Pictures                                                                           2011

                                                    Trim appliances for mold department and prep for paint shop (at Legacy Effects)


Destroy the Internet                    David Henrie, Peter Murrieta, Ezra Weisz – Executive Producers         2011

   Victor Gonzalez – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application

F*cking Jane Austen                   USC School of Cinematic Arts                                                              2011

                                                   Craig Peck – Producer/Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application

Can Frankie Come Out?              Steve Fix – Executive Producer                                                       2011

   Bobby Costanzo – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


Ballad of Cotty and Gary             Sathya-Dharma Productions                                                                 2011

                                                   Edith Dume – Executive Producer

   Gino Cabanas – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


Dwelling                                      Anthony Q. Farrell – Producer                                                    2010

                                                   Bill Sebastian – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


Sati                                             Off- Chance Productions                                                                  2010

                                                   Reena Dutt – Executive Producer

   Heather de Michele – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


Only One                                    ValeVengaPictures                                                                      2010

   Teasha McCoy – Producer                                                            

                                                   Kellie Scott – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


A Random Night                          Beatriz Soto – Producer                                                                 2010

                                                   Sara Méndez – Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application 


The Bad Cookie                          Daywalt Fear Factory – Producer                                                          2010

                                                   Drew Daywalt  - Director

                                                   Make-up Design/On-set Application


Venice By the Sea                       Windward Pictures – Producer                                                        2010

                                                    Buz Alexander – Director

                                                    Make-up Design/On-set Application


Period Piece                                 Paco (Joe) Arias – Producer, Director                                                  2010

                                                     Make-up Design/On-set Application


Price of Success                           Z-Team Films                                                                                       2010

                                                    Yannick Van Dam – Executive Producer

                                                     Make-up Design/On-set Application


Waiting                                          USC School of Cinematic Arts                                                            2010

                                                     Craig Peck - Producer

                                                     Make-up Design/On-set Application


Ragtime: In Concert                       The Red Stamp – Producer                                                               2010

                                                      Founders Forum - Producer

           DeReau K. Farrar – Director

                                                      Make-up Design/Application/Consultation


A Rueben by Any Other Name…    Jeremy Dylan Lanni – Producer/Director                                            2010

                                                       Make-up Design/On-set Application


Fix My Head (pilot)                           C-41 Productions                                                                             2010

                                                       Sonny D’Angelo – Director

                                                       Make-up Design/On-set Application


Monster Heroes                               Tarnol Group Pictures – Producers                                       2010

                                                        Danny Cistone – Director

                                                        John Rizzo – Make-up Designer

                                                        Key Make-up Artist/On-set SFX Application


Doppelganger                                   Daywalt Fear Factory – Producer                                                    2010

                                                         Drew Daywalt – Director

                                                         Make-up Design/On-set Application                    


White Dwarf                                        Billy Moon – Producer/Director                                                       2010

   Make-up Design/On-set SFX Application


Ambush                                              Joe Bauer – Producer/Director                                                       2010

   David Monzingo – Make-up Designer

   Make-up Assistant/On-set SFX application


“City of Glass”                                      That Rogue Romeo – Artist (music video)                                       2010

                                                            Kevin Stea – Producer

                                                            Make-up Assistant/On-set application

“White Flags and Ash Filled Roads”      Chapa – Artist (music video)                                                           2010

                                                            White Flags Productions – Producer

                                                            Make-up Design/On-set Application


Cloud 9                                                Lyric Theatre LA                                                                             2010

                                                            Make-up and Wig Design 


Polydeus                                              Daywalt Fear Factory – Producer                                                    2010

                                                            Drew Daywalt  - Director

                                                            Creature Effects Assistant (with Obscure Artifacts FX shop)


“California”                                            Akwid – Artists (music video)                                                           2010

                                                            Ridiculous Pictures – Producer

                                                            Make-up Assistant/On-set application   


Trapped: Haitian Nights                       Nulite Entertainment – Producer                                                      2010

                                                           Jean-Claude Lamarre - Director

                   Key SFX Make-up Artist/On-set beard application, corpse effects


Ball Park Franks – “Arm Wrestle”          Animal Productions (spec commercial)            2010

                                                            Make-up Assistant/On-set SFX Application


In the Sun”     She & Him – Artists (music video)                                                     2010

                                                            moxie media - Producer

                                                            On-set Application


 American JC      Robin Schroder – Producer                                                            2010

                                                              Parker Detchon – Director

                                                              Make-up Design/On-set Application


Fallen Angel         Michael Lynch – Producer                                                            2009

                                                               Paco Arias – Director

       On-set Application


The Proposal  Kenya Cox – Producer 2009

Make-up Design/On-set Application                                               


Pastor Jones Martine Jean – Producer                                                              2009

On-set aging and beard application


A Friendly Reminder  USC School of Cinematic Arts 2009

Craig Peck - Producer

Make-up Design/On-set Application


Boston Marriage Group Rep 2009

Make-up and Hair Consultation


The Wiz (in Concert) DeReau K. Farrar Productions 2009

Make-Up and Hair Design/Application/Supervised Crew


Supernumerary Milkman Films 2009

Mayank Gupta – Director

Make-up Design/On-set Application


Camera Obscura Productions 2009

Create, seam and patch foam latex appliances for

creature production (at Obscure Artifacts FX shop)


The Haunting of Winchester House Asylum Pictures 2009

Mold maker (at Obscure Artifacts FX shop)


Zombie Ferox Daniel Semel – Producer/Director    2009

On-set prosthetic application and blood effects

(for Obscure Artifacts FX)


“Somebody (I Can Talk To)” Toby Madigan – Artist/Producer (music video)                      2009

Make-up Design/Application


Is He Dead? International City Theatre (ICT)    2009

Make-up Consultation


Little Women (The Musical)  Lyric Theatre LA 2009

Make-up and Hair Design


“Chatroom Romance” Toby Madigan – Artist/Producer (music video) 2008

Make-up Design/Application


Romeo and Juliet  El Camino College, Center for the Arts 2008

Make-up and Hair Design/Supervised crew


Oh Feel Ya Mathew Reidy, Linda Bisesti – Producers 2008

Mathew Reidy – Director

Special Make-up Effects Design/On-set Application


I Stand Before You Naked Moment 2 Moment Productions 2008

Make-up Consultation


MacBeth3 The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company     2008

and The Dogsbody Company

Make-up and Hair Design


Othello** The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company                     2008

Make-up and Hair Design/Application

**Honorable Mention – 2009 Garland Awards (Awarded by

BackStage West critics for excellence in Southland theatre)


Hot L Baltimore  El Camino College, Center for the Arts       2007

Make-up and Hair Design/Supervised crew


The Merry Wives of Windsor  Southern California Shakespeare Festival (SCSF)     2007

Make-up Design


Calling Aphrodite** International City Theatre (ICT)     2007

Make-up Design

**Honorable Mention – 2008 Garland Awards (Awarded by

BackStage West critics for excellence in Southland theatre)


As You Like It** The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company     2007

Make-up and Hair Design/Application/Supervise crew

**Honorable Mention – 2008 Garland Awards (Awarded by

BackStage West critics for excellence in Southland theatre)


Having Our Say International City Theatre (ICT)     2007

Make-up Consultation


A ‘Circus’ Christmas Carol International City Theatre (ICT)     2006

Make-up Design


Macbeth El Camino College, Center for the Arts     2006

Make-up and Hair Design/Supervised crew


Feel Better Fast Sharmila Devar, Colleen Cohn – Producers     2006

Laura Cayouette – Director

Make-up and Hair Design/On-set Application


The Merchant of Venice The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company     2005

Make-up and Hair Design/Application/Supervised crew


The Tempest The Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company     2003

Make-up and Hair Design/Application


Cats National Touring Company/Nederlander Organization     1998

Make-up Demonstrations/Face-painting events for promotions

department (both televised: WGN and WPWR respectively) 


miscellaneous: various freelance clients for headshots, Halloween, weddings


special skills: Ultracal 30 plate molds, gelatin appliance running and application, foam latex prosthetic running/seaming/patching and application/removal, aging techniques, beard laying, teeth making, bald cap application/removal, tattoo application/cover, ventilating, airbrush


references: available upon request